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Is anyone among you suffering? ... Pray. James 5:13

The Most Holy Rosary
"A prayer so easy and yet so rich deserves to be rediscovered ... Rediscover the Rosary in the light of Scripture, in harmony with the Liturgy, and in the context of your daily lives."
Rosarium Virginis Mariae, 43, Pope John Paul II, Oct. 16, 2003


Pearls of Peace
A Rosary Journey through the Holy Land [$13.00]

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Pearls of Peace is part of the Religion Curriculum of Mater Amabilis [Level 2]
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by Christine Haapala, Author of the Best Selling Children's Scriptural Rosary
Speak Lord, I am Listening

Holy Land Photography
by Rev. Gary Coulter

Diocese of Lincoln

96 full-color pages
74 Photographs from the Holy Land
6" by 9"

In her ninth Scriptural prayer book, Christine Haapala reveals another view of the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary through meditations from the Gospels and the Epistles of St. Paul. This book is enriched by the stunning photography of Rev. Gary Coulter, Diocese of Lincoln, who led two pilgrimages to the Holy Land and documented these spirit-filled journeys through photography.

Pray 4th and 5th Sorrowful Scriptural Decade now. Download PDF

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Spiritually walk in Jesus’ footsteps by praying the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary and meditating on the accompanying Holy Land photography. Follow the Holy Family from Bethlehem to Nazareth to Jerusalem. Walk with Jesus, his Blessed Mother, and his disciples to places, such as, Cana, the Sea of Galilee, Mount of Temptation, Mount Tabor. Pray along the the Way beginning with the Garden of Gethsemane, climbing the Via Dolorosa, and standing at the foot of the cross on Calvary.

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Speak, Lord, I am Listening Cover
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View 18-slide presentation featuring the Glorious Mysteries from Speak, Lord, I am Listening A Rosary Book for Children

Speak, Lord, I am Listening author
Christine Haapala featured on Meet the Author program of Radio Maria
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Speak, Lord, I am Listening A Rosary Book (2nd Edition)
64 Pages; Full Color [$12.00]

Now Available in Spanish. Click here for more information.

by Christine Haapala and Illustrations by Gus Muller
3 Times on the Catholic Best Seller's List for Children
as compiled by Catholic Book Publisher's Association
Includes Luminous Mysteries and Study Guide
This Scriptural Rosary prayer book presents the richness of the Sacred Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary in terms that children can visualize and understand. Gus Muller's watercolors use the full palette of color expression to explore the depths of the agony of Christ crucified and reach the heights of the Blessed Virgin Mary's glorious reign as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Christine Haapala's succinct and most apt meditation selections yield a wealth of spiritual insight into the mysterious events of the lives of Jesus and Mary. The Scriptures and watercolor illustrations coupled with the prayers of the Most Holy Rosary provide a rich meditation platform for teaching prayer and devotion to Jesus and Mary.

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Psalter cover

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The Psalter of Jesus and Mary [$4.00]
by Christine Haapala and Illustrations by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

A Scriptural Rosary according to Psalms and Proverbs Pocket size (4" by 6 1/2") prayer book. This Scriptural Rosary presentation includes selections from Psalms and Proverbs with the prayers of the 20 mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. 96 pages and includes 47 illustrations from both the Old and New Testament.

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The Sanctity of Life Scriptural Rosary CD [$17.50]
2nd Edition includes the Luminous Mysteries
Sanctity of Life Cover
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Great Gift for your Pro-Life Ministry.

2 hours and 21 minutes of prayer, song, and music.
Like a conversation with God, His message from over 200 specially selected Sacred Scripture verses is intertwined with the prayers of the Most Holy Rosary. God's Message of the dignity and sanctity of life evokes a profound understanding and belief in His promise of eternal life. Gentle, piano music enhances meditation. More information...

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The Suffering Servant's Courage
(2nd Edition with Luminous Mysteries) [$8.00]

by Christine Haapala and Illustrations by Gustave Dore

Align your sufferings with those of Christ and His Blessed Mother.

This prayer book integrates poignant Sacred Scripture verses about courage and fortitude, the prayers of the twenty mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary, and 28 illustrations from the inspired artistry of the 19th century Catholic illustrator Gustave Dore. Perfect meditations for everyone who wants to pray and unite their sufferings with the sufferings of Christ.

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From Genesis... cover
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From Genesis to Revelation: Seven Scriptural Rosaries [$10.00]
by Christine Haapala and Illustrations by Christine Parson

An Encyclopedia of Rosaries
This is the first Scriptural devotional Christine Haapala wrote. Now in 2nd edition, this is the most extensive collection of Scriptural Rosaries you will find in one book - Seven in All. One for each day of the week. Each Scriptural Rosary contains a thematic set of 150 Bible quotations that are specially selected to accompany and illuminate meditation on the mysteries of the Rosary from the books of the Old and New Testament.
This is a prayer book you will love to use often.

This prayer book includes 15 original, unique drawings called Duplettes - Two Biblical Scenes drawn as One. Review the Art Here.

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Is anyone among you suffering? ... Pray. James 5:13
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